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StreamOn is a privately held technology company specializing in developing solutions for Online communications. On delivery front, StreamOn is a seasoned team of systems engineers and project managers with extensive audio/video production and webcasting experience. The team and its strategic partners provide the technical webcasting services and expertise for organizations to easily and conveniently extend their conferences or events to audiences via the web.

StreamOn provides next generation virtual communication platform which includes managed and automated webcast solutions to Corporates, Educational Institutes, government organizations and communities in cost effective Software as a Service model. Our software and solutions bring innovative approaches to learning, collaboration and media delivery solutions at the enterprise scale. Our industry-leading platforms EventOnline, AutoCast Connect helps organizations to communicate with employees, clients, prospects and partners with measurable and greater impact. The StreamOn platform is a complete Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud offering; no deployment resources or audience downloads are required.

StreamOn is used enterprise-wide for applications ranging from corporate communications, demand generation and partner enablement to training, product launches, company town hall meetings and user conferences. World's largest enterprises, namely ATOS, Cisco, BG Group, RPG Group, CIPLA, Abbott, Sunpharma, Kotak Bank, FirstSource, E&Y, Bank of Baroda, Ericsson, Tata Group, Nestle and and many more rely on StreamOn.

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