Simple Automated Webcasts for Leaders.


AutoCast is a fully-automated, do-it-yourself, enterprise-grade webcasting platform. Designed to be used for your everyday communication needs, it helps book, conduct & record your own meetings & generate post meeting customized reports on the fly.

Start your own webcast at your desk and broadcast your everyday meetings and training. AutoCast is built to empower leaders to run and manage their own events for themselves and their clients.

A host of customizable features makes AutoCast a powerful yet easy-to-use solution. Five easy steps and you are ready to go live in a matter of minutes.


  • Prearrange Webcast
  • Generate links for the presenter and participants
  • Invite participants
  • Upload presentations
  • Customize the viewer page
  • Initiate last minute changes
  • Launch Webcast
  • Generate reports
  • Archive session


  • Engaging and interactive virtual experiences
  • Enterprise security and reliability
  • Drag and Drop tools for designing custom environments
  • Measure, analyze, adjust and optimize