Robust, cost effective webcasts for far-reaching impact

EventOnline is a fully managed and feature-rich premium webcasting solution. Built for large scale, high priority events, it delivers LIVE and On-Demand presentations to large audiences on any device. Companies of all sizes use EventOnline to engage global audiences with live interactive content for training, marketing, and corporate communications.

Event Online is a proven, cost-effective, and state of the art internet based streaming service for communicating live for a wide range of applications such as

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Corporate Communications
  • Corporate Training
  • Investor Relations
  • Finance and
  • HR

  • Proven high performance, secure & reliable platform at low cost, no risk
  • Software as a Service and a future-ready solution
  • Designed to embrace and implement the customer's existing processes rather than changing processes to accommodate the product
  • Scalable and evolutionary deployment plan, number of instances can be scaled up or down based on the usage growth
  • Free upgrades of all new features in the corresponding product family
  • Quick deployment and rollout in the SaaS environment
  • Team of experienced technology professionals to help you deliver the best results.


  • Start to end support in delivering high-quality video, audio, rich media online communication solutions
  • Delivery of video and other communication solutions without disruption existing network traffic
  • Reach users anywhere in the world using any OS and device