Customized solutions for online virtual events

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Automated webcast solution for your daily needs.

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Conduct online investor relation calls virtually.

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Technology & Delivery

StreamOn's expertise lies in creating solutions in the areas of Flex, .Net, Databases, XML, Web Services, Web Development, Analytics and Reports and Enterprise Integration. Our development process, training, and support are geared to delivering an easy to use solution, making it easy for customers to come up to speed with little need for long term integrator support or system maintenance. StreamOn's product architecture is built on proven scalable Flex platform and supports APIs and XML interfaces for third party integration. All features of the product are accessible over the web using any common web browser which eliminates the need of any software installation or maintenance by the customer.

Event Production:


An experienced event producer will coordinate with you before the webcast/webinar to build a plan and bring your event to life. Our experienced staff will consult with you every step of the way, from content design and speaker training to Participant registration. The success of your event starts long before the first attendee joins your online session.

Best-Fit Technology Selection

EventOnline brings a fresh approach to web events. We work with you to select the best webcast delivery option for your event. Whether you simply need a presentation synchronized with an Audio broadcast, application sharing with audio over the web, or streaming video, EventOnline can meet your needs. Our goal is to match the technology to your program – NOT force your program into a technology. EventOnline can host your event on a variety of delivery platforms, without the need to sign long-term technology contracts.

Delivery Options

A Web Event can take on many forms. We can host your event with:

Event Production

When the time comes to conduct your event, an experienced event management staff member will support you. Our staff handles the management of the event so that you can focus on what is important - your content and message.

Post Production

The post-production process is what sets your content apart from traditional webcasts and significantly increases your ROI. Using precision editing, we will remove mistakes and inappropriate material, correct slides, and add introductions or trailers. Your archive will be something you will be proud to distribute to individuals that missed the original event.

  • About Us

    StreamOn is leading Indian companies that enable organizations across the globe execute webcast right from their desktop .

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  • Our Capabilities

    EventOnline is a proven, cost-effective, and state-of-the-art Internet based service to communicate live with a global audience.

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  • Technology & Delivery

    EventOnline brings a fresh approach to web events. We work with you to select the best webcast delivery option for your event.

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  • Customized Solutions

    Streamon provides customized services to match your requirement and help you achieve your business goals.

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